Community Spirit Award

Governor Pawlenty addressing the luncheon Photo courtesy of Lynn Laumann

Excerpts from Waconia Patriot Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chamber-Sponsored Luncheon gives Governor Pawlenty the Opportunity to Highlight Virtues of Waconia

Governor Tim Pawlenty addressed a crowd of an estimated 200 people at Island View Dining in Waconia last Thursday. The chamber-sponsored event allowed the governor to discuss the state budget crisis, the recently-approved stimulus bill and the merits of Waconia.

Governor Pawlenty presenting the award Photo courtesy of Lynn Laumann

The highlight of Pawlenty’s address may have been a newly created Spirit Award that was presented to Donna Frantz from At The Farm. She was not only recognized for her entrepreneurial skills in creating a business that caters to organic food buyers, but also for her relentless drive in promoting everything that is Waconia.

In the summer of 2008 Donna hosted a State Sesquicentennial (Minnesota’s 150th birthday) event at her farm. It turned out to be a farm-like experience with free food and music. It was the only state sesquicentennial event held in Carver County.

Governor Pawlenty thanked Donna for everything she has done to make Waconia a better place and praised her for her business acumen, as well as her lobbying skills at the Capitol on behalf of Waconia.

Donna said she is working on a new project known as Pride and Glory Garden Project. Her early plans call for a program that will provide garden seeds to any unemployed people so they can grow potatoes, tomatoes, beans, etc. She will teach them how to manage a garden as a way of giving back to her community. She’s hoping it takes life throughout the area, but also nationally.

Pawlenty said it’s that kind of investment in community that makes Waconia such a great place. “Waconia is a really high functioning community. I hope you are proud of that. It’s a wonderful community, but that doesn’t happen by accident it comes through people who take their time and talents and give it back to the community,” said Pawlenty.


Governor Pawlenty introducing the award Photo courtesy of Lynn Laumann

Excerpt from the Waconia Chamber of Commerce Friday Facts Newsletter on February 27, 2009

Local Business Entrepreneur Honored with Community Spirit Award

On Thursday, February 26th Donna Frantz, At the Farm, was recognized for her outstanding vision, energy and support.

The Chamber of Commerce Community Spirit Award was presented by Governor Pawlenty at the February Chamber Luncheon.