April 12, 2017 Newsletter

Spring is in the air
It makes me smile
Come to The Farm I’ll share
My knowledge because I care

At the farm waconia mnIsn’t spring great? Its the best season of the year. Flowers have woke up. The Rhubarb also.

Birds are busy building nests. They love the chicken feathers for their nest, not one feather left in the yard.

No baby cats this year, they all went to the vet this winter. I have 4 cats, they are outside. So special to me.

It’s time to uncover your garlic you planted in the fall. It is up about 3-4 inches now. Also, to see if your old seeds will grow, put a few in a wet paper towel and in a plastic bag. Keep warm and then in a few days look to see if any have sprouted. If not, they will not grow in the field.

When your soil is ready, you can plant cold crops.

Seed Potatoes Kohlrabi
Set onions Radishes
Onion Plants Carrots
Lettuce Beets

Planting and Transplanting

You can divide and transplant perennials – Rhubarb, chives and ferns now. Iris and peonies need to be divided in the fall.

To plant warm crops, the soil should be warm. You don’t need a soil thermometer, just put your fingers in the soil. If its warm, you can plant. Planting warm crops too soon can cause the seeds to rot and the potted plants will go backwards and it takes too long to go forwards.

Remember if your potted plants are root bound, pull roots apart a little or cut the roots about 1/8th inch off. Otherwise, the roots will go around and around and never reach into the soil to grow, they will stunt.

I only have seeds, plants, potatoes, and onions to sell now. I also have Farm Fresh Eggs.

Happy Spring!

P.S. The Noble Lion in Victoria will be open in May. Great food, great ambiance, great restaurateur.