April 25 Newsletter

The fields are drying
Soon you can plant
Keep on trying
Please don’t say you can’t

Aren’t my openings crazy? I just love to do those. My English teacher must be turning over in her grave. I never could do any of this in school. I tell everyone you are never too old to learn. Age is just a number.

The onion plants are here now. They are yellow, red, white and cipollini onions also. They are a flat, gourmet onion. Great for grilling, mild onion flavor. To grill a cipollini onion, cut in half. Olive oil them. Flat side down on the grill.

We will grow fennel, mini choi and Kalettes. Kalettes are a cross of brussels sprouts and kale. It gets like a floret. They produce on their stalks, 100 days to mature. Always fun to try something new.

First Time for Parsley Seed

Got to tell you we grew parsley this season from seed. Started in March. I always read it was hard to start. Heavens no, it’s beautiful. I’ll try some seed in the field also. Then you can do this also in your garden, like Cilantro. I always tell you don’t buy cilantro plants. They soon bolt and are done. You need to plant from seed every week and a half or two weeks. Either in the garden or pots.

I have a snow pea seed, Avalanche. 60 days fancy dark green pods, 36″ tall. Produce more tendrils for excellent garnish. Can be harvested at 2 1/2 inches for extra fancy snow peas.


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