February 6 Newsletter 2018

The hearts are flying
Its Valentine’s Day
New things I’m trying
Nothing gets in my way
The Christmas is put away and the seeds are starting to arrive.
As Jim Gilbert says one season slides into another. I love the season coming up. Its a re-birth.
The birds are busy at the feeders, the Cardinals are so pretty in the evergreen trees. I had a Possum under the tree eating sunflower seeds. They are not pretty.
Karen and Emery Koenig. Photo by Renee Jones Schneider of the Star Tribune

The new event this summer is a Garden Tours of 4 Gardens. Janet Fahey of the Carver County Barn Quilt Tours and myself will host a tour Wednesday, July 25 from 9am to 1pm. The cost is $25 for the bus ride and $12 for lunch in my Barn Loft. $37 total.

One Garden is in Hamburg, Duane Otto, Landscape Gardener at the Arb for 30 years. One Garden is at Karen Koenig’s on Reitz Lake. She and her husband were featured in the Star Tribune newspaper in January, excellent!
One Garden is on Piersons Lake, Ann Klingelhutz, fabulous Gardener. Worked at Waconia Farm Store Garden Center for 7 years. Now one of my elves. She and her husband sell real estate for Re/Max.
The last Garden is mine. We will get on the bus at my Farm, room for 23 people on the bus.
I love doing Garden Tours when I had The Country Store. I rented a school bus. It was $5 a person to tour. Had lunch in the remodeled granary. I went on all Arboretum Garden Tours and thought I could do this also. Now I’m doing this again but the price went up.
Think Spring! I’ll write again.
P.S. Can I tour your Garden or do you know someone who would love to share their garden?

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