July 28 Newsletter

The Cucumbers are Vining
And the Beets are Great
Morning Glories are Climbing
Its all a Piece of Cake

Peaches At the FarmHello!

Its a fabulous growing season. The rain comes just at the right time, the fields are just a picture.
Hay was put down between the cucumber vines. Its so nice to pick them with no soil to wash off. When I sell pickling cukes its great to tell this as they can be a lot of extra work to scrub them. Also remember to cut the blossom end off. It can have bacteria on it and spoil your jar. I cut both ends off a little. Also don’t use a whole cucumber. I cut it into quarters then pack.
The Colorado Peaches are now in. Every year they get earlier. They used to get here late August into September. They may have new kinds that are early. The peach season this year has been sad, as Georgia froze. I do like Michigan but don’t know what happened this year.
Summer raspberries have started. Nice for jam. My Peach Raspberry Jam is the #1 Seller, I have it every morning.
I now have Minnesota Sweet Corn, the Indiana Corn was excellent, but everyone wants Minnesota.

Fresh Produce

Peaches, Colorado
Nectarines, California
Apricots, Washington
Rainier Cherries, Washington
Muskmelon, Indiana
Watermelon, Indiana
Plums, California

The Noble Lion in Victoria is doing great. Marc loves my organic produce. I talk about this a lot. Fun to share. People wonder what the menu is. I have one to show what is there.

Enjoy all the great summer food.