June 12 Newsletter

The fields are getting planted
The lettuce can be picked
No more need to chant
As weather changes quick

What a season this year is. The landscape is so lush and green. Everything is twice as big.

The last field finally is dry enough to plant. A lot of fields had hard crusts so the seeds have a hard time coming up. It had to be worked over to let seeds wake up.

The Rhubarb has been excellent. I have Strawberry Rhubarb to sell.

Warm weather crops still can be planted. Tomato, peppers, egg plant, herbs, green or yellow beans, beets, cilantro seed, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce later for a fall crop. Flowering plants also can be planted.

Remember when planting things and the roots are bound in a pot. Cut a 1/4 inch off the bottom. If you plant the plant and don’t untangle the roots they do not work into the soil, they just keep going round and round or don’t grow into the ground.

When watering tomatoes or peppers, try not to get leaves wet or splash soil on them, they can get blight. The mulch is not ready yet.

Now At The Farm Waconia

Leaf Lettuce, organic
Brown eggs, local
Rhubarb, organic
Summer Fruit is here
Kale, organic
Peaches, California
Radishes, organic
Nectarines, California
Grape Tomato, local grown
Red Plums, California
Asparagus, local grown
Red Grapes, California

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