Newsletter April 2016

What’s NEW At The Farm for Spring 2016? Sister Saturday is Coming May 14

Rain drops are falling
Green grass is here
The birds are calling
Its time to cheer!


Welcome Spring! Isn’t it great!

The chickens love to stroll the yard. I love the Gator ride and the rebirth of the earth.

I had a great winter. Health is excellent. Had great gatherings for the Christmas season.

I also helped a young Jake Coleman to try to win the Senate nod for Carver County. I had a gathering for him at my house. His Dad, Norm Coleman, and Mother, Laure, Aunt Amy came. So fun to meet them. We had pizza. There was a run-off with another person in the county. Jake didn’t make it, but he has a long time to try again. What a great person Jake is. I went to Caucus, never did that before. Never too old to learn.

I have a new lady doing the bedding plants (flowers). She was in Waconia 24 years and in 2015 she didn’t have the spot, so she gave it up. I thought of her and called to see if she would like to do it here and use my greenhouse. She did and I’m excited for her and me. She will open the week of Mother’s Day.

I will have a lot of Tours this year. The Barn Quilt Tours and a new one called Waconia Vill Tours. The WaconiaVille Tours is a wine tour and they will be here at the end at 4:30pm. Hope they are not too tipsy.

We are in the fields planting seed potatoes, onion plants, lettuce, kohlrabi, and radishes. If your soil is ready, you can plant also easy crops. Remember, take a handful of soil and squeeze it. If it crumbles, its ready to work, otherwise stay out for awhile.

I have Garden Seed
Seed Potatoes
Onion Sets and Plants
Rhubarb Roots
Heritage Raspberry Plants
Fern Peony’s

Enjoy the Spring

Sister Saturday 2016