Growing Herbs

Growing Basil

When to Plant Basil – When soil is warm, about May 20 in Zone 4.

How to Plant Basil – Plant seeds in garden or pots.  Or plant starts.

Harvesting Basil – Pick leaves when plant is 6 inches tall.  You can cut the stem off but cut about 3 inches above the ground.  It will then re-grow.  If you cut it off at ground level it takes too long to re-grow.

Growing Cilantro

When to Plant Cilantro – Put first plants in at end of May in Zone 4.  Keep replanting every 2 weeks through June.

How to Plant Cilantro – Start with seed. Do not buy plants if you need your cilantro late for tomatoes.  It does not keep producing.

After Planting Cilantro – Cilantro bolts when planted too soon and then it’s over the hill when you need it.

Harvesting Cilantro – You can pick when plant is 3 inches tall.  It does not re-grow.  I keep replanting every couple of weeks.

Growing Dill

When to Plant Dill – Plant early May through end of May in Zone 4.

How to Plant Dill – ½ inch deep row.  Sprinkle seed thinly in row.  You can grow in a pot also.

After Planting Dill – Just weed!

Harvesting Dill – If your pickles are not ready to make and the dill has seeded out, just pick and freeze.  Be sure to put dill in a tight box or bags so your freezer doesn’t take on the dill aroma!

Growing Fennel

When to Plant Fennel – Plant at the end of May in Zone 4.

How to Plant Fennel – Start with plants.

After Planting Fennel – Just weed!

Harvesting Fennel – You can pick the fern or wait for the bulb to form.

Growing Mint

When to Plant Mint – Plant at the end of May in Zone 4.

How to Plant Mint – Start with plants.

After Planting Mint – Mint can take over your garden.  It’s best to grow in pots in the garden.  Just dig the pot into the soil.

Harvesting Mint – Harvest anytime you need it.

Growing Parsley

When to Plant Parsley – Late April to early May in Zone 4.

How to Plant Parsley – Plant starts in pots or field.

After Planting Parsley – Just weed!

Harvesting Parsley – I cut stems off, it will re-grow.  You can use it all summer.

Growing Thyme

When to Plant Thyme – Plant at the end of May in Zone 4.

How to Plant Thyme – Start with plants.

After Planting Thyme – Just weed!

Harvesting Thyme – Cut off from stem whenever you need it.