Soil Preparation

Garden SoilWhen to Prep your Soil – Stay out of garden with tiller until soil does not ball up when you squeeze it in your hand.  It should not make a mud ball, it should almost crumble.  If you get in too early you will pay the price all summer.  The soil never gets fine, it will clump and it does not break apart.

How to Prep your Soil- Clean up old growth if you didn’t do it in the fall.  When you can till or turn your soil over that’s when you can apply the fertilizer.  A balanced garden and flower fertilizer works, or use composted manure.

After Prepping the Soil – Garden rows should be 24-30 inches apart.

When Planting your Garden – Tomato plants should be 3 feet apart.  Pepper plants should be 18-24 inches apart.  Cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli should be planted should be 14-18 inches apart.  Herbs should be planted 12-18 inches apart.  Eggplant should be planted 24 inches apart.