August 26 Newsletter

The detour is still a sight
When will it be fixed
I’ve planned with all my might
Hope September it will be alright

Organic PopcornHello!

What a year. The crops are the best I’ve had in years. The rain and heat has come just perfect.

The popcorn stalks have 2 cobs on them. I’ll have a bumper crop if everything goes right.

The hut by Fleet Farm in Carver has been great. Got a lot of people from Jordan, Carver and Chaska. Cabbage is a big seller there. Great to meet new people. I’ll close it August 29. The young elves go back to school.

The Barn Quilt tours are a great addition to my Farm. I will have 400 people to visit the Farm. This year they are from St. Paul, Shakopee, St. Cloud, Winthrop, and Carver County. We gather in the Loft of the Barn and have coffee or lemonade and special baked cookies and visit.

Come see us! Donna

Im picking 8.26