June 9 Newsletter

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I have some Gardening Tips
I’ll share with you


RhubarbThe soil is great so keep planting. You have all June to keep putting things in your garden. Rhubarb can be pulled until July 4, but don’t pull everything, leave about 1/4 of the stalks to keep the plant healthy. If you get a seed head, just pull it off.

Cilantro needs to be grown from seed, not plants. It bolts and then done. You need to start every week and a half to have fresh Cilantro all season.

Its too early to mulch plants with meadow hay. First of all, the hay is not cut, about June 10th it’s cut. The soil needs to warm up and then you mulch. I put hay around my tomatoes and cucumbers. I don’t like wood chips for vegetables, I don’t know what’s on the wood.

I have Organic Dipel dust for Cabbage worms, also liquid for potato bugs.

I have an excellent fertilizer for your flower pots—Jacks. The Miracle Grow can cause a lot of salts to build up in the soil. I also have a fabulous soil for your pots. Be sure to dump your last years soil in pots. Its dead. In your raised beds you need to remove 1/2 of it and put new in. I’ll help you be an excellent gardener.

I'm picking 6.9.15


At The Farm 2

My new Produce Hut will be just before Fleet Farm in Carver. The corner of County Road 11 and Levi Griffin Road. There is a field there and I will put up a Produce Hut. Its “At the Farm 2”.
Yes, I will be open in Waconia, the flagship market. The Hwy 5 closing is June 8 to Sept 3. So I need to re-invent myself.
It too will have all the great produce. Hope to open by the end of June. I get Georgia Sweet Corn then. Peaches, Peas and a lot more.
Come see me for your best summer eating!